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Who We Are

Lakewood Village Community Church has a long, proud history of serving the community of Long Beach. We are an independent congregation of Christians from many different backgrounds who have found love, common ground, fellowship, loyalty, and purpose through the Person and teachings of Jesus Christ. 

What We Do

We focus on Jesus' great commandment to love God and one another as the basis and theme for life and ministry.  We have the freedom to love, accept, and work with one another as God does.

We are inspired, led, and empowered by the Holy Spirit in our daily lives and truly care for, pray for, and help each other.


Our teaching ministries draw knowledge and wisdom from all of Scripture and many different traditions, and are relevant, educational, practical, and inspirational.

We enjoy a long tradition of excellence and diversity in our worship, music, and performing arts.

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What We Believe

We believe that the Holy Bible is inspired by God to reveal to us the nature and person of God the Father, the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

We believe that we are saved by grace though faith in Jesus Christ, and accept Him as our Lord and Savior.

We believe that we receive the inner witness of the Holy Spirit, Who guides us in seeking to do God’s will in our lives, serving those in need and proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ

We believe in supporting the ministries of our church through our presence, prayers, gifts and service.

We believe in Christian unity, that though we may have many beliefs and backgrounds, we should come together in common faith and love for Jesus Christ, and work in unity.

We believe that the Church serves as a place of worship and center around which the bonds of our common faith and Christian fellowship may become strengthened and unbreakable.

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